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The foundation of My Career Discovery is accurate assessments that provide constructive insight about the way you work. Three tests are available: iWAM, COMET/EQ, and VSQ. Each test measures a different aspect of your psychological profile, and each one comes with a report that will show you how you score and what this means in relation to your career. You can use this information to directly improve your life at work!

iWAM - Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation

The iWAM is an online questionnaire that objectively measures how people process and use information at work. It is based on metaprograms, a model of cognitive thinking styles. The test measures 48 of these patterns, including proactivity, social contact, goal-orientation, and interest filters. You will get a summary of the test results called a Career Profile, which identifies your motivational and attitude preferences in the job context and predicts how you will behave in various job types, such as administrative, customer contact or managerial tasks. With each package, you also get an iWAM Attitude Sorter, which predicts key motivational preferences and development areas. The test takes less than an hour, and you can get your results instantly online. What's more, the computerized tabulation makes it almost impossible to have any scoring errors. The iWAM has been used by companies all across the world to test thousands of job candidates to see if they have the right profile for the job, and now you can use it, too. Click here to purchase.

COMET/EQ - The Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

With our Career Discovery and Ultimate Career Discovery packages, you get a second test, the COMET/EQ. This is an online test that measures your Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence indicates how good a person is at handling emotions. This involves paying attention to and dealing with your own and other people's emotions. Specifically, this test measures emotional awareness, positive thinking, flexibility, creativity, conflict resolution, and several other variables. Your Career Profile will indicate how you score on all of these items, and how you can use that information to improve your life at work. This test has been used both as an individual evaluation tool and for academic research. When people want objective, accurate answers about Emotional Intelligence, they use COMET/EQ. What's your EQ? Click here to purchase.

VSQ - Value Systems Questionnaire

The third test in My Career Discovery is the VSQ. It is an online exam that measures a person's value systems, values hierarchy, and social pattern variables. In essence, the VSQ reveals how well an employee fits and relates to the company culture. This assessment is a great way to improve self-awareness, and learn how you can fit in. The VSQ is the newest of the tests, and is exclusively available in the Ultimate Career Profile. Click here to purchase.

Research Background

We measure more. People don’t fit into just 2 categories, or 4, or even 16. Every person in the world is different, and a test must be able to reflect these differences. The iWAM measures 48 cognitive patterns, called metaprograms, which are classified into 16 groups. The results are reported on a scale, so it won’t just say a person is “proactive” or “reactive.” Instead it will show you just how proactive and reactive each person is. By measuring so many metaprograms on this scale, the iWAM delivers you the most information about yourself. Measuring 48 different metaprogram patterns with the iWAM and a variety of other parameters with the COMET/EQ and VSQ tests, our assessments offer more combinations of results than there are people on Earth!What motivates you? Find out from the Attitude Sorter, which comes with our career assessments

The current My Career Discovery products are the most recent evolution in cognitive style research, which started off in the beginning of the 20th century with Carl Jung's work concerning psychological types. The second step was the development of MBTI®, an innovative personality test, between 1942 and 1957. The third milestone came from the development of cognitive science, starting around 1975. Cognitive scientists found that cognitive patterns differ between countries as well as between contexts. This led to several new pathways, three of which were instrumental in the development of our products:

  • The work of Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars, and Charles Hampden-Turner about cultural differences in patterns
  • The work of Kolb et al. concerning learning styles
  • The work of Robert Sternberg, David McClelland concerning thinking styles and motivation.
  • The work of Leslie Cameron, Ross M. Steward et al. about the application of cognitive patterns in the context of work (motivation, working and thinking), which led to the
  • LAB Profile® in 1980. In short, the LAB Profile is a systematic way of gathering information about a person, which helps to predict the person’s behavior based on his or her use of certain types of language patterns.
  • The work of Clare W. Graves, Don Beck, Christopher Cowen on value systems and Spiral Dynamics

While the LAB profile methodology on which iWAM is based originated in 1980, the iWAM questionnaire was only developed fairly recently. The current version was first introduced in 2000. Now the iWAM is the best tool available for measuring attitudes and motivations in the workplace. VSQ followed as a similar way to measure value systems and cultural fit, and COMET/EQ was created to test another important aspect of life at work: emotional intelligence. jobEQ’s products offer unmatched objectivity and accuracy, in a format that saves you time.

There are many personal assessments that don't provide nearly the reliability of My Career Discovery, and you should know how to avoid these imposters. Our leading researcher, Patrick Merlevede, has written an article called How to Judge a Psychological Test. After you read the article, you can appreciate how reliable My Career Discovery is than the alternatives.

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