The Career Discovery Package

The Career Discovery is our most popular career assessment. This package offers you an abundance of information and advice, along with interactive feedback. For less than our competitors charge, look at everything you get:Career Discovery - The Online Assessment that Will Get You Your Ideal Job

  1. iWAM Questionnaire
    Discover your work attitudes and motivations with this critically acclaimed scientific exam. This is the most popular of our exams, and it measures 48 thinking (or cognitive) patterns. This test is online, and it can be taken at your convenience. The test is easy to use, and the results will tell you what factors motivate you the most, and how you can use this information to find the most motivating job. Click here to read about our tests.
  2. COMET/EQ Questionnaire
    This is the seconds assessment in the Career Discovery package. COMET/EQ measures your Emotional Intelligence, which is rapidly becoming a hot topic among managers and HR departments. Do you pay attention to your emotions? Can you recognize and deal with the emotions of others? Understanding how you handle emotions can help you be more emotionally intelligent at work. Find out your EQ!
  3. Career Profile
    This profile contains the results of your tests. This pair of reports is generated immediately after you complete the assessments, and can be sent to you via e-mail. It will explain what each pattern means, how you scored on each one, how the patterns relate to form your personality, how other people see your personality, and how you can use all of this information to improve your career. The Career Profile is over 20 pages of useful information! Companies have been using this profile for years to evaluate employees, and finally you can use it too!
  4. Attitude Sorter
    This report is a clear list of your biggest strengths. It explains how you use these dominant traits at work, and how they affect your personality. The Attitude Sorter also lists a few areas of improvement, along with advice on improving and managing these areas of your personality. It's you in a nutshell.
  5. Interactive Feedback
    This package includes access to our exclusive coaching Web site, where you can get one-on-one career coaching from a trained professional. With the Career Discovery package, you can ask up to 3 questions and get prompt answers. Want to learn more about a specific trait? Need advice about your job search? Get the personal feedback you deserve!
  6. 50% Discount
    The Career Discovery comes with a 50% discount on the newest eBooks by our leading researcher, Patrick Merlevede. His expertise includes Emotional Intelligence, cognitive psychology, mentoring, and career coaching. The eBooks are available exclusively on this Web site.

Special Price

For a limited time, you can purchase the Career Discovery for only $69! Many of our competitors offer career assessments for over a hundred dollars, and they don't even include 1-on-1 feedback! Click here to purchase a Career Discovery

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